Just a few thoughts as the fall political season begins September 2017

I talked with a huge group of college students and faculty today. They mostly wanted me to talk about the “glory days” of my being in SCLC then SNCC and then the Black Panther Party. For some it’s “sexy”..exciting and they always ask the same predictable questions.. the guns, the FBI..and as usual when I get to the part of being an African American. who not only worked for equality in America but went to prison doing that in Israel. as well as taking part in the anti-colonial wars in several African countries..it really shakes them up….you know…a Black American taking the struggle to an international level..it’s still hard for a lot of people to wrap their minds around that..it’s supposed to be all about “we shall overcome”, or leather jackets and shotguns…Well today I spent less time on that and went to what bites my ass today. My state, Pennsylvania , has a republican ruled legislature.my country…the good old USA has a republican Senate as well as the House…and what are most of the people who would be and should be organizing the opposition to Trump…and or looking for candidates to help take these legislatures back doing ?? Well a lot of them are still ….yes still demonizing Hillary Clinton..they act like the Democratic primary is still on And just like during the election they have an obsession with making Hillary..who is no longer running for office the villain . Something totally of no consequence now. I have been doing my normal fall voter education and registration stuff. As well as trying to identify communities were voter participation have been traditionally low…My people in Chester Pa. have registered 1200 new voters in the last two weeks. I will be checking on  my regular folks working in N.W. Philly next week ..but I know they have been having “teach-ins” and forums on how to run for office …and finding good candidates and how to help them win….this is NOT MMe and FDRove.On .org…nor the local “missionaries” that call themselves Neighborhood Networks…these are just ordinary people from churches and campuses and senior citizens homes working in their OWN communities…and then I come home to see all the so-called “activists” doing nothing but bitching about HIllary on facebook..this stupidity is a big part of the matrix of things that cost us the election. Grow up …get over it….get to work…or at least if you are still doing the “get Hillary” thing SHUT UP…it would be a great help