Just a few words on the results of the election of 2016

This photo was taken on a day in 1970 when as a Captain in the Black Panther Party I addressed thousands of people at an anti-Viet Nam war rally in Atlanta. tim at demo 1970  2Well the election of 2016 is over and I don’t think anybody saw the results coming just the way they did..after some rest and taking care of some medical stuff. I hope I can still find that guy in the picture somewhere inside..with his lack of fear and his intelligence, to face life In Trumps America and still hold on to the wisdom that I have today. I was told today by an old comrade from those days that I had “too many white people” in my life. I think that looking at the fact that so many of my so-called liberal and progressive white friends seem to be totally blind to what is happening …..and what will happen to the poor and non-white among us after this 9/11 for us. They are already starting to fight over whether the result would have been different if Bernie had been the candidate…a cosmically stupid question. Or suggesting that getting rid of the electoral college could be a fix…well wake the fuck up ! ! !..none of that changes the fact that the sleeping racist giant that really is America and always has been has been awoken ….and emboldened ….they have proof now that being them is the right thing..If you white liberals still want to be called “allies” and not something else. You need to at least try to see this from the “darker” perspective ( no pun intended )..getting rid of the electoral college won’t help or change a damn thing… working on the still racist nature of being a white American will..and that includes your arrogant brand of liberal racism too….


Hillary Clinton is not my most favored person to run for President ….in fact NOBODY who has run for president in the last 60 years has been…for almost thirty years the worst people in the American political system have waged a propaganda war on this woman that for the most part had it’s beginnings in the simple phrase “How dare that bitch do that” ..in other words it really pissed them off that the wife of a President they did not like would DARE. Over the years this war of accusations and nasty words kept up. And last year when I was actually campaigning for another person …Bernie Sanders I began to hear all that bullshit from young idealistic Sanders supporters who were simply too busy watching “Sesame Street” when the Republican war on Hillary started to know that most of this had it’s roots in bullshit. And they began to repeat all those old republican talking points like they were real…It didn’t help that the Clintons …who had NEVER been rich people used their celebrity after the Bill Clinton presidency to finally get rich. When Hillary ran for President for me it really sounded like we could get four more years of an Obama like administration…and let me say here that I am a Maoist Communist way down in my core…and although I worked for Obama’s election, as many of you know he was far from what I would call my ideal candidate or President ..in fact within weeks of Obama’s taking the oath as president I was on facebook and in the streets protesting positions he had taken..anything Hillary did as a member of the Obama administration as Sec of state she did as an employee of Barack Obama…Although I campaigned for Bernie Sanders in the primary ..just like I was willing to have an Obama presidency I’m willing to have a Hillary Clinton presidency..she is no more a “killary” than Obama was or is. and actually less of a “hawk” than he is ….but a hawk all the same…and just like with every single person who has been president since I could read a newspaper I will have many disagreements with..I mean come on she ain’t a Maoist Communist so she can’t be perfect…but we know what the alternative is…we know who Trump is……some of us have even figured out what he is…I am willing to fight with Hillary rather than see the people suffer under Trump….it’s just that simple. VOTE THIS TUESDAY….or I don’t want to here any of your CRAP13244_10_05_16_2_20_42