Sorry, I just could not stay out of commenting on this election, even though I wanted to stay away until I dealt with some medical stuff.

Well …..I’m trying so so so hard to stay out of it while I deal with some things..but the insanity surrounding this election is making it so hard to stay particular person on my friend’s thread was just so adamant about the only true moral way out was to not vote or even better to write in Bernie if he did not get the nomination..because ” crooked Hillary” had already stolen the election….I put up a valiant effort I think hold it in rather than respond to this scary but growing totally fruitcake opinion…but suddenly ……all on their own my fingers jumped up and flew across the keyboard with this ……” I’m sorry but that is both childish and also a misreading of history. What George Bush Jr. did to Al Gore was a stolen election. But whether you like Hillary or not what has happened in this election is the same way we have elected Presidents for decades. I resent the fact that after 25 years of a Republican war on Mrs. Clinton, when she runs for President by the same rules all the rest have run with for most of recent many clueless people are having a “hissy fit” because the person they like may not get the nomination. The person I like has NEVER gotten the nomination…ever. Hey I would like to see John Lewis get the nomination…or for that matter Bobby Seale..but that ain’t gonna happen. I knocked on hundreds of doors this past year trying to get people to vote for a person ( Bernie Sanders ) who made the choice months ago to run as a Democrat EVEN THOUGH HE WAS NOT ONE HIMSELF. Bernie knew then what the rules were. Now when as could have been predicted it looks like he probably won’t get the nomination all these silly children have picked up the talking points of the Republican party and just like Trump are making this some how Mrs’ Clinton’s fault. I don’t even like her but this whole “crooked Hillary” bullshit is just another example of how a whole group of alleged “progressives” got masterfully PLAYED by the Republican party.” my god I feel so bad now for falling off the wagon…but I could not take this fool for another second….now I have to start all over again.

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