Democrats need to CHILL

I am THRILLED that the GOP seems to be eating itself alive..But I also fear that the Left…what’s left of it is also in deep “doo-doo”..You ever heard the joke about the “circular firing squad” well for months now we have had the more “rabid” element of the Sanders supporters picking up the baton from the decades of Hillary hating Republicans and running with it. I’m a Sanders supporter and I see it everyday, I’ve seen it in the street and I’ve seen it.on the internet..and in recent days Clinton supporters have gotten just as willing to fight with dirt as the “Bernie Bots”..I have major differences with both Clinton and Sanders.. Clinton while a solid liberal in many ways stands for “business as usual”…while Bernie really speaks to me and what I want for America.but. he has all the foreign policy knowledge and experience of my cat..But either of them would be light years better than what the Repugs have in store for us..get behind Hillary or “feel the Bern” but DEMOCRATS CHILL OUT…..

Timothy Hayes's photo.