It’s time for Democrats to pull up their “big boy/girl” pants

I am a Bernie Sanders supporter, in fact I was in several locations in North Philadelphia today talking to voters about Bernie. I am also a mature experienced community organizer with about 50 yrs of working for the people in the “hood”. Although I am a strong supporter of Senator Sanders. I have tried my best to stay as far away from the confused group of people who think that the way to campaign for Sanders is to demonize Hillary Clinton and totally forget that she is in the same party as Bernie..not to mention the fact that the only person the Repugs hate more than Obama would be Mrs. Clinton. Today I visited two daycare elementary school at dismissal time and one senior center. I got over a hundred people to sign a pledge to vote for Sanders in the Pa. primary with about 60 people agreeing to canvass their neighbors for the Sanders campaign..It might be my last good organizing day for a while because of the weather and some medical things I have to pay attention to. But my point is that I did that WITHOUT ONE SENTENCE of Hillary Bashing..Sanders is a good candidate and I simply did not have any reason to go there. Okay …..all of that said let’s get down to pulling up our “Big boy/girl” pants. I refuse to bash any Democrat in this election frankly because I think we have two really good candidates ..who happen to be good for different reasons…I would trust either of them to be a better President than ANY of the Repugs who are running. Second only an idiot would put her/himself in the position of demonizing one Democrat to the voters ..and then if that candidate gets the nomination …go back to the same voter and say ..OPPS..that person I said all that crap about six months ago is the person I’m telling you to vote for now…You know up here in S.W. Germantown I can walk down blocks and point to houses where I have registered three generations of voters in the same family…I never tell people who to vote for but I do tell them who I like….there is a difference. People come up to me in the market all the time asking me who looks like a good candidate…if I pull the type of crap the people I call the “Bernie Bots’ pull… crap like calling the other democrat “too corporate” or too close to wall street. When that candidate actually did nothing in her campaign that Obama did not do. And then if she gets the nomination and I have to go back and say “well yeah you should vote for her”…30 years of credibility will go down the drain. I know this is getting long but one more point. In 2008 I had the hard job along with about a dozen other people of mending fences in the Democratic party between the Hillary Clinton people and the Obama people…there was a lot of nastiness built up there..and what a lot of people don’t know is getting the cooperation with the two camps of organizers and street people was very very hard..This time I’m too old..and I really doubt if any of the short sighted Bernie Bots have it in them to rebuild bridges like we had to…they seemed cursed with a shoot ourselves in the foot psyche. Well I just watched an interview on Rachel Maddow with Hillary..she seemed sharp ..knowledgeable and ready to actually lead..I saw two interviews with Bernie this week He seemed sharp ..not quite as knowledgeable ..but with a fresh message that I like and ready to lead..which is why he gets my vote…..What do the Repugs have?? ..and do you want any of them picking the next Supreme Court Justice..??????…hil and bern