Today I remember my friend Sam Napier ….”Circulate to Educate”

There just seems to be a lot of things that happened on this day. I had many friends in the Black Panther Party who are no longer with us..on this day in 1971 we lost Sam Napier …the driving spirit behind the Black Panther newspaper. Sam was murdered during that time when FBI agents inside and out of the Party conspired to bring the party down…We were so afraid of FBI agents that it became easy to pit one faction of the party against another …an FBI assassin murdered Sam and then set fire to his body in a building full of our newspapers…deliberately spreading a rumor that one faction was responsible …I was one of the last people to see Sam alive..and I went into hiding..after a while I began to think that we were just being paranoid …but during the Carter administration under the freedom of information act we came to find that in fact it was MUCH worse than we could have imagined …many of us are lucky to be alive today…R.I.P. Sam NapierComrade Sam Napier