Long withheld thoughts on 9/11

sept. 11I really hate to comment on 9/11.. most years I just let it go… but this year maybe it’s time to let it out. When the twin towers fell people like me felt very different from most Americans.. Some of you may remember that about two weeks before the tragedy happened , there was a world wide conference to discuss Racism and the way it affected the planet.see  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Conference_against_Racism_2001 You may remember that not only did the United States refuse to attend but did so because they were not allowed to dictate the Declaration and Programme of Action.. they wanted guarantees that there would be no wording in the final document equating Zionism with Racism..this of course never happened, the U.S.A. and Israel did not attend ..and there was no such statement in the final document… but the arrogance of the United States and Israel to attempt to dictate terms on which racism was to be discussed…just discussed was one of the ugliest moments in modern .history..It spoke volumes about the very reason such a conference was needed. .. Basically the U.S.A. was saying ..”you can talk about only the racism WE want to talk about”…what I remember most about that day Sept. 11th 2001 was as the towers fell.. I felt the horror of all the deaths of all the people..the surprise that that part of the World that our country had felt so free to abuse at will right or wrong had found a way to strike back..I also felt fear …tons of fear…but way in the back of my brain a little voice was saying ……we had it coming…and no amount of rationalization could shut that little voice up…many of you are probably thinking right now ..”how can he say that… we had it coming ????.. I wonder that too .so that’s why I usually say nothing on 9/11